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- Tenerife - 

The aim of the retreat is to bring the participants into a process of reconnecting. The background to this is that people increasingly lose the connection to themselves, to nature and to other people due to the challenges of everyday life. 


The Hacienda Cristoforo radiates a special spiritual energy that optimally supports the process of reconnecting. The property is magical and zen with beautiful boutique style accommodation - individual or shared, a large garden full of fruit and vegetables, numerous animals - including turtles and goats, a fresh water pool, a beautiful yoga shala, and a large communal area with a barbecue and kitchen.


The guests can really let themselves go, which means they don't have to worry about anything. The stay includes a full board of ayurvedic food: breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


A varied program is available. The program is designed to make guests forget about the worries of everyday life and focus more on oneself and the environment. The supporting program is carefully selected and includes different methods to stimulate body, mind and soul. There are different types of yoga such as Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin Yoga and etc, 


  • Different types of yoga such as: Vinyasa, Kundalini and Yin

  • Meditation and breathwork-sessions

  • A full moon cocoa ceremony with a Ho’oponopono ritual included

  • Creative activities such as a mala beads workshop - using natural beads and gemstones

  • A hike in Teide National Park 

  • Sharing and reflection circles

  • An ayurveda workshop - capturing ayurvedic lifestyle routines, healthy and nourishing seasonal diet

  • A sound healing event 

  • A conscious whale watching tour while we meet the whales in meditative silence without talking and without cameras 


Participants are cordially invited to take advantage of all offers. Nothing is obligatory. There is enough space to relax and just do nothing.


Elif Sant Kaur Elif is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher trained at Karam Kriya School, Germany & Portugal with the lead trainer Shiv Charan Singh and a group of outstanding Kundalini Yoga teachers. Elif teaches KY in a joyful, gentle and compassionate way embraced by magical mantra sound in her classes. She continues Kundalini Yoga Therapy training with Guru Dharam and advanced Ayurveda courses with Ulli Allmendinger. She shares her inspiration by also creating spiritual jewelry: 108 beads japa malas and Tantric malas with precious gemstones. She joins yoga festivals with her malas and organizes mala workshops online and in person.   "Kundalini has been continuously inspiring me, I remember my first Kundalini class as the biggest gift I have received in this life journey that started transforming me to let me live an authentic life aligned with my own truth. I enjoyed practising varied types of yoga over the years, until I decided to deepen my journey in Kundalini and to spread this unique technology of Kundalini Yoga. Through the practice I cultivated a closer connection to my inner self through pranayama, chanting, asana and meditation. The more I tuned into my inner voice, the louder I heard the call to express and share my experience in teaching yoga and reflecting my creativity into spiritual jewelry. I am passionate to share this immense transformative energy which fundamentally gives you, 'you'."


Oliver Reuter Out of love for yoga and the nature of Central America, Oliver trained as a yoga teacher in Costa Rica in 2018. He now has over 500+ hours of teaching experience and specializes in Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. He has also been working intensively on the subject of personality development, meditation and mindfulness for years. In his work as a holistic coach, he incorporates all the influences of his professional and personal experiences into his work with his clients. "I have the ability to recognize the potential in people and to help them uncover it. My experience from many personal - sometimes traumatic - experiences helps with this. The spiritual aspect of my work plays an important role and regularly helps my clients to come into absolute fullness."

Here you can arrange a free call to get more details about the retreat!

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